Afterlight (EP)

by Paul Lock

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"They descended from the heavens like gods, but left in flames".

Here's the story in three parts of when the unthinkable and unimaginable happens - when 'they' decide to visit us down on earth.

After the initial 'Aftershock', with lights filling up the dark sky, people turned their heads to the heavens to witness something one has never really witnessed before. The lights shone brightly on to the bewildered people below, and excitement mixed with baited breath hung heavy in the air.

However, it soon became evident to the unarmed civilians below that the intentions of these entities that came from above were malicious. No one expected that in the 'Aftermath', rubble and ruin would litter the landscape, and those who were not fast enough to get to safety were nothing more than mutilated cadavres mangled in the debris.

After everything had transpired, it didn't take long for the military to intervene and use the full force of their weaponry, even if they didn't truly know if their human weapons would have any effect on the visitors. After a lengthy battle, the lights shot back in to the sky above and left us in peace, their battered crafts & structures leaving a trail of flames among the stars. As the few who survived shouted in the streets with joy, the event would soon become known as 'Afterlight'.


Inspired by the synths, beats and instruments of the 80s, each track separated by interludes tells a different part of the story, coming together to form a coherent timeline of events.


released August 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Paul Lock France

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